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ana stairs veil

The gals at Enchanted Bridal Boutique on Stockdale in Bakersfield recommended Mary Rita Nommensen as soon as my wedding gown found me! I contacted Mary Rita, scheduled a date to meet with her and she quickly solved one of my problems on my To Do List. I, of course, was hesitant and scattered yet her welcoming and calm approach eased my nerves. There is no doubt Mary Rita is experienced, talented and creative as her work explains it all. Mary Rita’s professional advice and suggestions regarding my dress alterations were fitting for my vision as well as my personality. During the alterations, I recommended her to my Maid of Honor and one of my Bridesmaids. Both ladies were extremely pleased with the results. As the wedding date approached Mary Rita followed through with scheduled appointments and delivered a beautiful fitting wedding gown! In addition, Mary Rita gifted me with a unique wedding hanger and a sixpence coin secretly wrapped underneath my dress for good luck! At that point, I was so touched by her genuine charisma, special gestures and passion to make brides happy! I highly recommend Mary Rita for her services. I will continue to tell my family and friends about her work and will visit her again for alterations. 

 Ana Zavala Garza

church jasmine


moriah millweeHere is a picture of my wedding dress that you changed for me.  It was perfect! Thanks again!

Moriah Millwee

lauren veil

Custom made Veilorchard

Lauren Mc Connell bustle at winery

Dress Bustled for reception

Very happy with MaryRita. She did an excellent job and is very talented! Highly recommend!

 Lauren Mc Connell


Here is a picture of my wedding dress that you altered for me.  It was perfect! Thanks again!

 Moriah Millwee
moriah millwee


 I would highly recommend Mary Rita for all your dress needs! She pays attention to every detail and made my Winnie Couture wedding gown fit to a “T”. Mary Rita’s experience in the fashion and bridal industry shows. She knew how to strategically alter my gown for my body shape. She made sure every inch of that dress fit perfect! I felt comfortable leaving my couture gown in her hands. Thanks Mary Rita! 

Alissa Carlson Schwarz



Brittnt flowergirl lookig up

Photo by Daniel Boone Photography

Brittni train & flowergirl

Dropping off your wedding dress and allowing someone cut in to it can be a very scary thing! But, with Mary Rita, I had total trust. And she definitely delivered! She was able to sculpt my dress in to a master piece. She really took the time to work in every little detail and listened to every request. Just by talking to her, you can tell she is very knowledgeable! I would recommend her to any bride looking for someone to turn their wedding dress into the dress they always imagined.

Brittni Garber

Wedding pictures by Austin Thomas Photography

angela fluffy on floor


It is safe to say that every bride looks forward to going to their wedding dress alteration appointments and boy is that true! I chose Mary Rita by her amazing reviews and I was not disappointment. One things many brides, like myself, don’t consider when trying on wedding gowns is the difference in size the dress will be when it arrives in their size and fits them properly. Many bridal salons use sample dresses in very large sizes and temporarily pin them so you can some-what see how the dress is going to look on you. When I finally said yes to the dress, I was so excited to get it back, the 8 weeks it took to order seemed like an eternity. Sadly to say when I got the dress back, it wasn’t form fitting with a long train like I had hoped.

angela M before cupcakeInstead, i looked like a cupcake in a gown that was way too poufy for my taste. I desperately took my dress to Mary Rita to see if she could fix it and she completely transformed my dress!

angla front after Once she finished, my dress was absolutely perfect. I had several fittings with Mary Rita and I loved every single one of them. She was very warm and welcoming and went straight to work! She took out layers upon layers of tulle, made the sweetheart neckline & back of the dress deeper, & fit the dress to my body like a glove. I am so glad I chose Mary Rita to alter my wedding gown, she did a fabulous job! Angela Moretti ~ April 25, 2015


Jasmine red truck

On March 21, 2014, I first met Mary Rita at an event called, Brides for Cause, where I purchased my bridal gown. Mary Rita was invited by the Kern County Bridal Association to attend as the lead alteration specialist . As we all know, she does the best work in Bakersfield after all. When I first tried on my dress I knew it was the one and Mary Rita was there to witness it all; I felt like a “bride” in this dress and the emotions were overwhelming. At the time, my dress fit a little tight, but I knew I would lose the weight since our wedding was more than a year away. A year later, the wedding planning was full force and approaching fast. We were getting more excited and I was eager to try on my dress since that time. I went over my best friends house to try on the dress, which is where I kept it all this time. I put it on and it was so loose. I was happy to have lost some weight, I mean do not get me wrong, but I never imagined losing that much weight. I went from a size 14 (Size of bridal gown) to a size 8! Whoa! I had to get it altered and I instantly remembered Mary Rita.

jasmine long train

I hesitated at first because I had to consider our budget but then my best friend, Ana Zavala Garza, also a former client recommended her without hesitation. I could not be any happier with her services, she truly does amazing work! She worked with my budget and she was very professional. My dress fit perfect and looked beautiful for our big day. I truly admire her work and would recommend her to any bride looking to get their dress tailored to fit like a glove. You cannot go wrong with Mary Rita Nommensen, the Bakersfield Queen of Alterations! 

Jasmine Banuelos


It is safe to say that every bride looks forward to going to their wedding dress alteration appointments and boy is that true! I chose Mary Rita by her amazing reviews and I was not disappointment. One things many brides, like myself, don’t consider when trying on wedding gowns is the difference in size the dress will be when it arrives in their size and fits them properly. Many bridal salons use sample dresses in very large sizes and temporarily pin them so you can some-what see how the dress is going to look on you. When I finally said yes to the dress, I was so excited to get it back, the 8 weeks it took to order seemed like an eternity. Sadly to say when I got the dress back, it wasn’t form fitting with a long train like I had hoped. Instead, i looked like a cupcake in a gown that was way too poufy for my taste. I desperately took my dress to Mary Rita to see if she could fix it and she completely transformed my dress! Once she finished, my dress was absolutely perfect. I had several fittings with Mary Rita and I loved every single one of them. She was very warm and welcoming and went straight to work! She took out layers upon layers of tulle, made the sweetheart neckline & back of the dress deeper, & fit the dress to my body like a glove. I am so glad I chose Mary Rita to alter my wedding gown, she did a fabulous job! Angela Moretti ~ April 25, 2015


Photography by Patrick Ang

allison Duran front (2)

I am SO SORRY that this is so late!! But better late than never, right? I loved what you did with my dress so I knew I had to share with others how you were able to save my dress!
I found out about Mary Rita through a family member and originally wanted to ask her to make me a bridal head piece. But after my wedding dress alteration disasters, I decided to see if she could also help save my dress.

I purchased my dress from a shop in LA that had great deals and good customer service, so naturally I thought they’d also have good alteration department . Not the case!! My dress had spaghetti straps, a low back, was fitted through the hips, and flowy (not poofy) at the bottom. It needed to be taken in at the hips, around the bust, slightly let out around the waist, shortened at the bottom, and adjusted at the straps. Nothing but simple fixes, right? After alterations were made I drove back to LA for a fitting to find that the fabric of my dress was rippled at the hips and not smooth against my body, but instead almost squared off at the hips. After giving them not one, but TWO more chances to fix my dress, they still didn’t fix the problem. Instead their alterations only made my dress worse because the seamstress just kept taking in the seams more and more in hopes that the fabric would eventually flatten out the tighter it got. Frustrated, and out an extra $500 in alteration fees, not to mention gas to drive there from Bakersfield, I took my dress home to a well known shop in Bakersfield to hopefully fix the problem. After another adjustment to the dress, it was better, but the fabric was still rippled at the hips. I thought that maybe my body type was not made for this style of dress and settled with the rippled and lumpy fabric. However, I was still bothered by the trouble I went through with alterations and with being unsatisfied with how it looked.allison d bw
So I called Mary Rita after my aunt suggested I take my dress to her. I described to her my problem and she asked me to bring in my dress so she could have a look at it. After she saw me in the dress and described to me her solutions to the problem, I felt IMMEDIATE relief!!! I know nothing about sewing, but after she described to me the problem with my dress, it made perfect sense why it stayed lumpy no matter how tight it got. The seamstresses that worked on it at the other shops took in the dress at the seam on the hips, but sewed the seam crooked.The real problem was that the dress needed to be shorted through the waist, but due to all the lace & beading they decided not to touch it.. They also didn’t open up the left over fabric, they just folded it inside the dress so did not lay flat. It was basically like having a wad of lumpy fabric shoved into the dress at each hip. She altered my dress and fixed the ripples and lumpiness COMPLETELY! But, because her solution to the problem with the ripples made my already shortened dress slightly shorter than I wanted it, she added a creative little touch to the bottom to make it longer; a beautiful wide piece of lace that matched the lace on my dress almost perfectly!

locatell-676-L bustle allison (2) She was also practically disgusted by the bustle that was made by the first seamstress; small and incredibly noticeable bra hooks were sewn on the outside of the dress that would not even hold onto the heavy train when I moved around. She removed the bra hooks and sewed on clear, flower shaped buttons halfway down the train, which blended well with the beading on my dress, and she added small lace cut outs with loops attached, which were practically the same exact lace as my dress. Each button fitted in the loops to hold up the outside lace of the train and the thick, under fabric was tucked and tied under itself. Not only did the bustle look 100 times better, it also felt 5 pounds lighter when it was all busled up.
The head piece she made me was also beautiful. We worked together, shooting different ideas back and forth, about how the head piece would look best. I loved having her input and she worked with me so patiently when I took forever to decide what I wanted and when I changed my mind about it three different times.
Mary Rita saved my dress and I felt absolutely beautiful in it!! She is an incredibly friendly, talented, and creative woman that truly knows her stuff. She explained in great detail her solutions, ideas, and goals with each alteration and made absolutely sure that each alteration had my approval. Her stock of fabrics, jewels, beads, and lace is impressive and if she doesn’t have what you’re looking for, she will do her absolute best to find it for you! Her own personal touches are in every dress and they are great additions. You will be amazed how special she makes you feel. Thank you Mary Rita!!! Seriously, thank you so much for truly giving it all you’ve got. You made the stress and disappointment of my first alterations disappear. And Weston loved everything about my dress. You truly put love and passion into your work and I am so grateful for it!  

Allison (Duran) Locatell


One of my favorite parts about my wedding day was how comfortable I felt with the way I looked. I have a simple style and but still wanted to achieve a look that was effortlessly feminine. The first meeting I had with Mary Rita, I just knew that she understood this and shared my vision.


 She created my dress from scratch after seeing a vague photo I showed her. Over the course of a few months, we would have fittings in her Bakersfield home as she, piece by piece, fitted the most beautiful laces and the softest fabrics to my body.

The result was a full and flowy skirt and a comfortable but romantic backless lace top. Everything fit so perfectly, mostly because she wasn’t going off of vague measurements, but rather to the actual form and shape of my body. In the end, I had a dress I felt stunning in the entire day, as well as comfortable in as I wildly danced the night away with my people. I wish I could wear it everyday! I really truly was so in love with your dress. Thank you so much for everything!! –Gabby 

gabby profile




 Photo by Artisan  Photo by Artisan Photography by Artisan 

I was recommended to Mary Rita by my sister-in-law and mother-in-law who have been going to her for many years and just thought the world of her. They always spoke so highly of her; she was the only one they would entrust for alterations. Of course, there was no question I would be coming to her to help me feel as beautiful as I can on my big day.
Mary Rita has this way about her that makes you feel instantly comfortable with her. She knows her stuff, and she knows it well. Through many fittings she literally made my dress like a second skin; it was perfect. Any questions or concerns I had she was able to help with AND more. My dress, which I thought could not fit or look any better, ended up exceeding my expectations. She has an impeccable eye for detail and can do anything you will ever need or want.
She also altered my bridesmaids dresses and even my mom’s dress! My bridesmaids dresses were initially strapless but with some extra fabric she was able to put straps on them for me and fitted all the girls’ dresses accordingly.
My mom, seeing all the wonderful things she had done with my dress, wanted her to dress to fit perfectly as well so she brought it to Mary Rita for some adjustments. The dress ended up looking fantastic on her after Mary Rita’s magic!
Mary Rita even embroidered my grandmother’s dress into mine beautifully which made the perfect sentiment. It was truly so special and meant  the world to me. Both my mother and grandmother cried when I had shown them.

Emily Lozano applique
I was also able to get my veil from Mary Rita after telling her what I was looking for and she made it the exact length desired with the perfect little sparkle detail. Needless to say, it was the cherry on top for everything she has done for me. She was the hardworking woman behind it all and I couldn’t be more appreciative!

Emily Lozano

Corrie forest

Photo by Holly Carlyle

I’ve had dress alterations done before and they seem to fall down or not fit properly. For my wedding dress, I knew I needed an expert. I couldn’t be more thankful to find Mary Rita through recommendations from other vendors!

 I moved abroad during the alterations and Mary Rita was very flexible with appointments and ensured everything would be complete on time. She gave me great advice to help the detailing on my dress stand out more in photos. We would tryout different looks and she gave me time to think about it until the next appointment.

The month leading up to the wedding, I was visiting Mary Rita on a weekly basis because she made alterations piece-by-piece to ensure perfection.  In addition, she had an appointment with my Fairy Godmother to go over the bustling of the dress for the wedding day. Mary Rita made the alterations I had been imagining come to life and the dress fit me like a glove on my wedding day! I highly recommend Mary Rita for any alteration needs!

 Best Regards,

Corrie Merchant

Veronicia on stairs

Mary Rita did a wonderful job with my wedding dress. I was first interested in her work when I heard she had over 30 years of experience. I definitely wanted someone experienced to alter the most important dress of my life. Meeting Mary Rita was a pleasure, and the time and effort she put into my dress meant so much to me. She was always very kind and helpful. 

I informed Mary Rita I wanted to honor my brother who passed away, but I wasn’t sure how. She customized a lovely design hidden under my dress on an extra layer of fabric. The design was made out of two pieces of clothing he used to wear. The design was beautiful, 2 birds, hearts & the good luck sixspence and it meant so much to my family and myself.

Veronica Madera applique
My dress fit my body perfectly after she altered it. I will forever be grateful Mary Rita and for the love she put into my dress. I recommend her to anyone needing they’re wedding dress altered.

Veronica Madera

alma de la rosa


Thank You so much for all you did to make my dress fit like a glove!!!

 Alma De La Rosa

brittany R car

  George Street Photography

So,I  found the dress. Excitement took over and thought “this is it!!”…. Much to my surprise, there was a woman (Mary-Rita Nomensen) out there who is not only a mind reader, but a magician and loves what she does (which is very apparent in so many ways).

 Dress came from a shop in Bakersfield, living in Los Angeles the obvious answer was to find an alteration specialist close to home, making all of the fittings “easy to get to”. My mom, being the Angel that she is, mentioned Mary-Rita, and we made an appointment thereafter. 

This first appointment was a little nerve-wracking, and I thought my decision-making time had come to an end, only to find out this was just the beginning. Mary-Rita has the ability to see little details, and fine-tune them. She can stand there and look at you, giving an assessment, and quickly has the answer. The dress of my dreams was now in Mary-Rita’s hands and wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

Making the drive to Bakersfield during the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, WAS WORTH EVERY SECOND SITTING IN THAT CAR, IN TRAFFIC!! 

What this wonderful woman did to my dress, can’t even be put into words. (I’m getting a little emotional right now writing this review, please excuse me if it doesn’t make much sense). 

The final fitting, I somehow decided the dress wasn’t tight enough, but couldn’t really explain what I was thinking. Mary-Rita understood, and blew us away with what she did. There is no doubt in my mind that going to anyone else, the dress would have been completely different. She really brings it to life.  

On top of that, she took a headpiece from my moms wedding, piece of tulle from her dress, and turned it into a veil. (1of 2 veils, the one that was worn to the reception). orginial

LET’S NOT FORGET, she also made a “something old” garter from pieces of my Nonna’s wedding dress.

 There is no doubt that the dress makes the bride, and on that note, Mary-Rita really makes the dress. 

  Hope you all get to experience this amazingly talented woman, experience of a lifetime!!


Brittany Rodella


kirsti wedding

Photo by Artisan Photography

Mary Rita altered my wedding dress for my big day. Her work is absolutely amazing. I have been coming to her for many years to get all my bridesmaid dresses altered for the many weddings that I have been in, in the past. When it was finally my time to go dress shopping for my big day and once I found the wedding dress of my dreams I knew Mary Rita would be the only one to touch my dress. She customized my dress to fit me to a tee. From customizing my crystal belt, beading my buttons on the back of my dress, to adding gorgeous crystal flowers to alter my dress for my receptions. When the big day finally came and it was my time to finally put my dress on, I felt like a princess! I have and will always recommend Mary Rita to all my friends and family for any altering that needs to be done… Her work is AMAZING!

Kristi Dunehew


One of the best parts of my wedding was having Mary Rita alter my dress. I bought my dream dress off the rack and it was at least 8 sizes too big. She made it fit like a glove!

flowers fit



formal windowFrom sewing in cups and my petticoat to taking it in all along the sides with careful consideration of the boning. Mary Rita was so fun to work with and my dress turned out perfect, especially considering so much of it needed to be altered.

I will never let anyone I know use anyone else!

Breanna Lilly Campbell

daniel boone

sparklers exit


















Kylie on beach

I was given a referral to Mary Rita when I only had a little over a month until my wedding to find a dress. Yes, a month :) I was dead set on a Paolo Sebastian dress style that I was not finding in any store. I went for a consultation with Mary Rita with every picture I could find of the dress and of every angle to show her to see if she could possibly start from scratch and make me a wedding dress. She recommended to me to try and find a dress with the overall shape and she could design the rest. I went to the garment district and found a really tacky dress but it had the exact shape I wanted. Giving her something to start with. She took apart the dress and completely transformed the dress to exactly what I was looking for. One thing I really appreciated with working with Mary Rita is how she always made sure it was what I wanted. She gave me so many options and choices but always wanted it to be what I wanted. She is the most creative person I’ve ever met. My dress happened in stages. I went to see her one or twice a week. Every time I left her house I was so excited to see my dress the next time. The time and effort she spends on her clients is very special. She suggested a detachable train on my dress that she made that added the final touch.  Having a dress that was specially handmade for my day was such an amazing experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Mary Rita for giving me the perfect dress. Everyone thought I was crazy for starting this process(my dress) so late and having it made not knowing what it would look like. I had complete confidence in Mary Rita and everyone was so eager to see the final product. Needless to say I had a million compliments all night long.

Kylie Browning

laura Mayberry

What I loved best about Mary Rita is how personable she is. I was happy to have so many creative ideas incorporated into my dress. She makes every bride feel unique and will go the extra mile to help with any aspect of your wedding, even outside of alterations. My dress was sexy and classy all in one! –

Laura Mayberry Moronnolte



After hours of browsing the web and searching bridal stores from Bakersfield to San Diego, I found my dress in a small bridal boutique in San Diego. My mom had showed me my dress on 3 different occasions and I said,” not interested.” After arriving at the boutique the bridal consultant brought out the dress at my mom’s request.  I tried it on and knew it was the one, even though it was two sizes too big. The style and color of the dress were beautiful.  I knew I wanted to make a few changes, remove an appliqué and add some bling under the breast line. The next day my mom and I met Mary Rita Nommensen at the Bakersfield Bridal Show. Needless to say we were very attracted to her booth due to all the bling she had displayed. When I met with Mary  Rita to show her my dress, she listened to what I envisioned and she gave me a vivid explanation of what she could do with my dress and I immediately fell in love with her ideas. With each fitting my dress was being transformed to a perfect fit and even more beautiful than I even thought possible. The end result was a unique one of a kind, gorgeous dress. I couldn’t wait for my groom to see me walk down the aisle in my dream dress! On my wedding day I could not have felt more beautiful. Many of my guest, groomsmen included, raved about my dress.

 I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Mary Rita and I highly recommend her for her perfect alterations, fashion knowledge and design. Thank you Mary Rita for helping make my wedding day so beautiful! I love my dress!

 Makenna Boyer

shelia window

Mary Rita did such a wonderful job altering and embellishing my wedding dress. She is a lovely person and I never felt rushed when I went to my fittings.  She had beautiful accessories and head pieces that were unique and she paired them beautifully with my overall look. She turned my Vera Wang from David’s into a unique piece of art that made me feel and look beautiful.  Not only is she an expert tailor she is a Designer that has a great eye for fashion and beauty.  I am 5 feet 2 and have a curvy body. She made the dress hug my curves perfectly and added gorgeous buttons to the back of my dress. Mary Rita made my wedding experience especially lovely and I am so glad I went to see her!

Shelia Johnson

Taylor T

Mary Rita 

Thank you SO MUCH for all the work you did to make my dress not only more beautiful, but also more comfortable!!  And thanks for making the time for me since I had less than 2 weeks to get all the alterations completed!     


Taylor Tobias Frasnelly

catherine on treeI’ve known Mary Rita for 7 years now, and I have always loved seeing the beautiful dresses she works on. When I bought my dress I knew immediately that she would be the one to alter it. Initially I planned only to shorten and bring in the dress, but when I went to Mary Rita she had plenty of ideas. We added a dramatic slit, pearl buttons, extra lace, and transformed the dress into my idea of perfect. Working with her on the dress was an amazing experience; it was stress free and my favorite part of wedding planning. On the big day I felt absolutely amazing in my dress and the pictures couldn’t have turned out better. Mary Rita does a wonderful job taking the bride’s ideas and combines them with her individual touches. I highly recommend her to any bride that wants to look their best on their wedding day.

  Catherine Burke De leon


catrina BW

Photo by Azahn Photography

I discovered Mary Rita through some of my wedding vendors and I couldn’t be happier that I had her to make my dress even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. She literally made everything so easy and was very patient with me through the whole alteration process. Mary Rita really makes your dress have its own unique look different from all other bridal gowns, she puts your visions and her expertise and gives you an amazing turn out. She took time and showed my maid of honor how to tie together my dress when it came time to dance. Not only did she make my dress look amazing on me but she gave me ideas, ordered my veil, altered my veil to how I specifically envisioned, and also ordered my garters for me and I couldn’t imagine going through my wedding day with out having all of her little details and advice. She made me feel so much at ease especially when planning a wedding. She told me everything would going to be perfect and that’s exactly what she did. Mary Rita took care of EVERYTHING, She truly is an amazing at what she does & doesn’t charge an arm and a leg and I would definitely recommend her. Thanks for making my dream dress come together and making me look and feel like a beautiful bride.

 Catrina Gonzales



 Mary Rita is a wonderful at what she does ! She took a run of the mill mass produced dress and made it into a dream dress that was fully custom and one of a kind. Her ideas for the changes I requested were so much more beautiful than I could ever have imagined on my own. I would most definitely recommend her to anyone needing any type of alteration. This kind of talent is rare and I greatly appreciated working with her for my big day!

Crystal Clark


I truly loved my transformations that Mary Rita made to my dress.  It was beautiful before, but Mary Rita made it my dream dress. I am only 4’11” so it was hard finding something that would look good after being cut and hemmed.Mary Rita not only hemmed the dress, but she added the most beautiful lace that spread across the bottom but did not trip me. The beaded lace around the bottom and the bodice made the dress stand out. The crystal rhinestone buttons on the back caught the light and just sparkled!  

andrea cartwright lace detail

Mary Rita took my vision and made it more than I could hope for.  She altered all my family’s dresses and added her little touch of beauty. She is a truly talented and I highly recommend her to alter any bride’s dress.  She will make your wedding dress be even more perfect than one ever imagined. Thank you so much, Mary Rita!

Andrea Leal-Cartwright


Wedding Photos by Austin Thomas

amy brick wall

I thought I loved my wedding dress when I took it to Mary-Rita and asked to get the sleeves cut off but little did I know what she was truly capable of.

This is my dress before

before dress

amy B W

She turned my pretty dress into the dress of my dreams! She had so many fabulous ideas and ensured I was on board with every one of them before picking up the needle and thread. I could hardly believe my eyes when I walked in to pick up my dress; it was breathtaking! Even Mary-Rita’s presentation of the completed dress was above and beyond what I could have ever anticipated. I was so excited to wear my dress on my wedding day… It was so gorgeous! Everyone seemed to be just as in love with my dress as I was. Mary-Rita was so lovely to work with and her amazing work speaks for itself! She’s one of a kind and I would recommend her to absolutely everyone! –

 Amy Lessley-Ruff


Krystine Ralph


Like most plus size women I was having a hard time finding a dress that was right for my body and my budget. I ordered offline and I know what you are thinking, it’s a no no. But I saw this beautiful dress online and ordered it right away. I waited only a week and my dress arrived, I hurried and tried it on only to find that it did not fit me at all. The shoulders were too large, the front was saggy. It was a disaster. So I began my search for someone to alter it, someone on my Facebook referred me to Mary Rita and I instantly called and set up an appointment. The next Tuesday I was on my way to her house to see what could be done. She instantly had an idea, she had all the items she needed to show me how it would look and I knew she was the one that had to alter the dress. It went from a mess to a success! My dress ended up lighter, comfortable, and much more flattering than I ever thought possible. Pictures really do speak a thousand words and I will let them show just how amazing Mary Rita is. Give her a call, you won’t regret it!”

Krystine Ralph

Dress & veilback view keyhole

“Mary Rita was great to work with.  We purchased our veil from her and she did all of the alterations on my dress, along with some of the bridesmaid’s dresses.  She also created the best bustle ever.  It never came undone and my bridesmaids had it done in no time. We recommend her for your bridal alterations needs.”

Breanna Wind-Westenbroek


I purchased my wedding dress out of town and when it arrived it was four sizes too big. I was worried that my dress would never fit, until I met Mary Rita. After meeting her for the first time, I was at ease because of Mary Rita’s knowledge and creativity. She transformed my wedding dress into a dress that I never thought was possible. Her creativity took over instantly. She lowered the back of my dress into the most beautiful angle and added embellishments to make my dress sparkle. Thank you Mary Rita for making my wedding dress beautiful!

 Morgan Patrick


Mary Rita, I can’t thank you enough for transforming my wedding dress to an amazing phenomenal piece for art!! My dress was perfect and was beautiful beyond my wildest dreams. It’s everything I could’ve hoped for and more. You are truly an artist !!. My dress was the star of my wedding day. You had some great suggestions and you definitely know what looks best. You made my dress very memorable and part of one of best days of my Life!!!!  Thanks again Mary Rita for everything.

 Adrienne Humkey

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Photo by Apertura

apertura, wedding, skirball, mexican, mariachi, korean, los angelesfull mermaid front

“I strongly believe that working with an expert alteration specialist is crucial to preserving a bride’s sanity. Their special abilities can easily make or break your perfect wedding-day look. I unluckily had to go through a terrible experience with Kleinfeld’s New York alterations before I found a super-star specialist across the country that can work some serious magic: Mary Rita Nommensen of Sew Elegant Bridal Veils & Alterations.

I met with Mary Rita because I was searching for someone to help me design and create a detachable tulle skirt to wear over my mermaid gown during my wedding ceremony. It wasn’t until I was at Mary Rita’s that I tried my dress on for the first time since leaving Kleinfeld’s alterations department. The gown didn’t hug my curves or flatter my hour-glass figure at all. From a side-view, the fit was a straight line from my bust to waist, and another straight line down from my hips to knees. No curves whatsoever! Additionally, Kleinfeld was incapable of sewing the dress back together without any bubbles, puckering, or wrinkling on the front panel, all because of excess satin fabric that wasn’t trimmed properly. Needless to say, I was deeply disappointed with how horribly Kleinfeld failed me. Mary Rita was empathetic to my unfortunate situation and managed to squeeze me into her busy peak-season schedule.

I had a handful of fittings with Mary Rita within the few weeks leading up to my big day. She took in several inches from the midsection to accentuate my small waist, and another couple inches from the hips to knees to give it more of a pronounced mermaid look (and show off my butt rather than hide it). She completely smoothed out the puckering caused by the bubbles of excess satin, and redid the bustle because the strings Kleinfeld used were so cheap that several were about to break off. I chose to have more of a sweetheart neckline, and she was able to give that to me. Mary Rita changed the nude bra cups, which were stitched on top of the inside lining to be stitched between the layers so that if I bent over you could not see anything, she even thought to put some glamorously embellished buttons over the zipper on the back of the dress – it was a great finishing touch. Mary Rita even packs the dress very thoughtfully and carefully: she stuffs the dress with tissue paper so it holds it’s shape, steams out every wrinkle and crease, hangs it on a satin hanger so it looks beautiful in photos, and sews a sixpence into the hem of the dress for good luck! Such sweet details.

I cannot speak more highly of her. She’s patient and completely receptive to your comments and wishes, yet sensitive to the overall aesthetic. After a few short weeks, the dress really did fit like a custom-made piece! Mary-Rita is a bridal blessing!”

Vanessa Leal 

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BW back view drama

Photo by Holly Carlyle

Dana Couch at Padre

Photo by Holly Carlyle

As the mother of the bride, I wanted to look my best for my daughter’s wedding but I could not find anyone where I lived or close by that I trusted with my dress. Then I was introduced to Mary Rita Nommensen and my prayers were answered. From the first phone call and at our first meeting, she was warm, caring and understood my concerns. Add to this charming personality the knowledge of the design, alterations, and composition of wedding and elegant gowns and you have Mary Rita. She took the time to make suggestions on what should be done to my dress and why she thought they would enhance my appearance.
As I gazed upon the other dresses she was preparing for other weddings, I could see her eye for detail and the desire to bring out the best in each dress by “tweaking” it to fit not only the bride but the essence of the bride’s vision. That is when I asked her if it would be possible for her to look at my daughter’s bridal gown which was lovely, but I felt could really stand out with her magic touch. Mary Rita pulled several fittings and a finished gown that was stunning off in less than three weeks. By shortening the satin under lining of the sheath she highlighted the lace the pooled at my daughter’s feet and gave it an over the top look that not only looked lovely the day of the wedding but absolutely gorgeous in the photos. With Mary Rita’s expertise and knowledge, she was able to correct and amend the prior alterations and produce the vision we had all along. Thank Mary Rita for not only opening your studio and your talents to us, but for giving us the gift of the person you are. We are blessed by knowing you.

Ginny Petersen


Hope you  and your family had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s.  I thought I would share with you the before and after photo of my wedding dress. You did an amazing job on my dress and it really shows in the photos.. Our wedding turned out beautiful. Thank you so much for helping me bring my visions to reality! 

Leslie Sniffin          

first look

Thank you for helping to make my dress perfect for me! You have an eye for fashion and alterations like I’ve never seen before! You are extremely hard working and worth every penny  the bustle was perfect for the reception, and my moms dress was beautiful also, so thank you for that! If anyone needs bridal alterations, Mary Rita is the person to go to she is amazing ! We love you!

 Lauren Romero Crow

Mary Rita is a truly gifted designer and seamstress! My designer wedding dress was several sizes too big and not only was she able to alter my dress to fit my body perfectly but she implemented some creative ideas to customize & add embellishments to make my dress even better- a one of a kind custom wedding dress! She understood how to alter my dress for my body, to properly accentuate my shape to give me exactly what I wanted. I can not say enough great things about the quality of her work. I was impressed with her very clever bustling system that made it very easy for me to take in/out the train of my dress. She did a fabulous job replacing the back zipper with a corset back, too. She is very friendly, attentive, and an absolute pleasure to work with. She really took the time to get to know me and listened to what was important to me and delivered on it. I felt very comfortable at every fitting and confident in her skills and expertise. She worked around my schedule and was always very accommodating.  I was beyond impressed with how my dress turned out and felt beautiful walking down the isle on my wedding day. 

Christina Vitson


seven oaks kayla

Amazing, gifted, WOW, don’t even begin to explain how wonderful Mary-Rita is at her work. I called her 30 days before my wedding because my dress needed to be taken in about 11 inches. I knew she was good because she was referred by at least 15 people. When I took my dress in, it wasn’t even 2 minutes when I knew she knew what she was talking about. She made my dress look better then I even imagined. Before I went in I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money, As soon as I had my last fitting with Mary-Rita I knew it was worth every penny and more! Thank you so much for making my fairy tale even more perfect than I could have ever dreamed of.

 Kaylea Hayslett


 I just want to say that the work you did on Briana’s dress was exceptional.  The lace of the dress showed perfectly and the bustlel  worked well and was beautiful.  Thanks Mary Rita!

Kellie Sloan, Mother of the Bride  10/6/13


When I first got engaged and signed up on a wedding website for information about vendors, Sew Elegant was the first wedding postcard I received. Then I asked around town about Mary Rita and heard nothing but AMAZING things about her skills and personality. I purchased my dress 9 months before the wedding and the store was not listening to what I wanted to do to the dress and that’s when it was decided I would work with Mary Rita. Once she saw my BLUSH PINK dress she had wonderful suggestions about how to bustle the dress without a hump on my back, add some sparkles without altering the dress to much and make sure the corset top fit like a glove.

Working with Mary Rita was just delightful from the start all the way up to, two days before my wedding. Each time we met to do a fitting or see the sparkles in the dress, it was like hanging out with an old friend and I was always extremely calm. I felt so comfortable and cared for and really heard in what I wanted my dress to look like that I knew Mary Rita could make that happen. Mary Rita had great suggestions about vendors, my dress and how to alter my corset top that was said by others was unable to do, but she did it!! Which made my dress fit like a glove.

The best part about Mary Rita was her true love of what she does. Every time my mom and I went to meet her she was in the middle of a different project and was always so excited to show it off. I would recommend Mary Rita to all brides and the bridesmaids because she knows how to fit the dress to the body type and not just to get a product out the door. She takes her time and really puts a lot of love into each dress and I felt that when I put on my dress.

My dress fit like a glove and was just perfect and more than what I could have expected it to be for my wedding. I wasn’t one of those brides constantly pulling up my dress or having it stepped on, because Mary Rita made beautiful adjustments to the dress so that never happened. I was never worried once with Mary Rita and if I ever need a dress fitted again I am totally coming to Mary Rita because she is just magical and amazing and lovely and truly has a gift for what she does.

Thank you so much Mary Rita for your expertise, laughter, advice and making my dress a true one of a kind! You were just delightful to work with!!

Hillary Blackburn Cohen 8/9/13

valen full length

pink close up

Mary Rita,

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My wedding dress was exactly how I imagined it would be. You put up with my indecisiveness for about 6 months and you made it absolutely perfect. When I didn’t know what I wanted you did, and you did it beautifully. I cannot thank you enough for all the time and hard work that went into bringing this dress to life. You did more than alter my dress, you made it from top to bottom. I felt so amazing in my dress and Gavin loved me in it as well. When I came up with the crazy idea that I wanted two different colors to my dress you never hesitated and you made it happen no matter how hard it was going to be. the pink was the perfect surprise for everyone and it was more than I could have dreamed of. Thank you for taking the time to incorporate pieces into my dress that meant so much to me. Having the design from my grandparents who could not be there with me, made it that much more special for me. Thank you so much for making our day so special and for making me feel and look like a million bucks.


Valynn Salcido


Mary Rita,

Thank you for taking the time for my daughter. Rachel was absolutely radiant in her beautiful dress that you recreated just for her! Also, thank you for the friendship that was created as well! I will miss our weekly dress fittings! Smile I  hope this testimonial is not too long, but I felt the story was important to share.  I hope you realize how much of an impact you made in our lives!!! You are my angel! 
With love,
Roni Sheridan

“Mary Rita Nommensen is a gift from God to be a Bride’s Guardian Angel!”

Every bride dreams of the day that she gets to wear that perfect wedding dress. Especially after spending many hours and dress fittings to pick just the right one. If it was not for Mary Rita Nommensen, my daughter’s dream would not have come true.

This is where our story begins…

My daughter tried on many different wedding dresses, but became discouraged after every fitting, believing that she would never find her perfect dress. Finally her dream came true; she found her perfect dress. Myself and her maid of honor knew the minute we saw her face that it was definitely the dress for her. My daughter had a baby about 6 months prior to this day and knew she wanted to shed some of that pregnancy weight well before the wedding. She ordered a size that she felt she would be in by wedding time. Unfortunately she did not lose quite as much as she hoped for when the dress was ready to pick up, but we encouraged her to not get discouraged because she still had a couple months to go until wedding day. A month later she tried it on again and again it did not quite fit. My daughter and I were both in tears, she wanted the dress off, was ready to sell it on E-Bay and find another dress! She was very frustrated, mad and sad all in one! I told her not to worry that we would do what we could do to get it altered/adjusted, but of course there was no light at the end of her tunnel at that very moment. While she was getting changed, I got onto the computer and Googled wedding dress alterations in Bakersfield, CA, and up pops Mary Rita Nommensen’s name. I read some testimonials, saw her before and after pictures, and prayed that she was going to be our saving grace! I called her and had to leave a message, but within 2 minutes, she called me back. Within 20 minutes we were standing in Mary Rita’s living room. She welcomed us with open arms and told us not to worry! My daughter put on her dress, and had I laced it correctly, that might have helped! Mary Rita laced it up completely and told us about the adjustments she was going to make. My daughter was absolutely beautiful as she smiled and had faith knowing that Mary Rita was going to take care of her, I cried! Mary Rita took a little out on the sides, and instead of adjusting the plain back corset panel, she made a new one with pretty lace to match her dress. She also made a special bustle for her dress, added lace appliques to match, and special rhinestone buttons to attach her bustle to. A new corset tie that was thinner than the one that came with the dress, and little extra touches here and there. You would never know the dress had been touched! Mary Rita also added a special touch from her heart with the traditional verse of “Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue”– she added a Lucky Sixpence with a blue rose to the underside of my daughter’s dress and shared the special story behind the lucky coin and the traditional verse. My daughter had, I believe three more dress fittings, and at every one of them there were tears of joy! By the last one, not only had my daughter lost the weight she wanted to, but she had her beautiful perfect dress that was made just for her!

Mary Rita is truly an angel from above! She instantly has that special heart and demeanor that tells you everything is going to be ok as soon as she welcomes you into her home. I truly have so much respect for the hands and talent that God gave Mary Rita. She cares for each and every bride, mother, etc. that walks through her door and will go above and beyond to make each one happy!

With sincere appreciation,
Veronica Sheridan 9/28/2013
brittany Jared garden

I saw Mary Rita at a bridal show and loved her beautiful work . So I knew I would take my dress to her when I bought one .

I took my plain dress that I bought from L.A. To Mary Rita. It was too big to begin with , and the dress needed a poofy under skirt added to it to make the dress a real mermaid shape . As it got closer to the wedding I lost about 15 lbs and the dress needed to be taken in every fitting ! Mary Rita did that happily and perfectly! Also we added pearl buttons down the back of the dress , and bling trim all over the sweetheart neckline and down the corset . She took my plain dress and made it gorgeous ! I had so many complements on my dress , it truly was original . I also bought my veil from Mary Rita , she had many to choose from! I can’t thank her enough for making my dress gorgeous !

Brittany Lee Robertson 5/4/13

vanessadan_vanessa_wed_0454 (4) woods

Hi Mary Rita,

I purchased my dress from a shop in Los Angeles. While I thought it beautiful when I bought it, I wanted more movement in the skirt. I asked the shop in LA if their seamstress would be able to open the skirt to add more volume so that I could twirl and swish on the dance floor. The manager of the shop told me that what I wanted was impossible. I was disappointed and started to look for alternatives. I looked around for a budget-friendly second gown that had more volume, but couldn’t find anything that I liked that wouldn’t break the bank. I decided to look for someone who could see my vision and alter my dress.

When I found Mary Rita, I knew that I was going to be happy. She listened to what I wanted and worked her magic to create a beautiful and unique gown that combined the fit and the movement that I wanted. I couldn’t have been happier with the work of art she created. On my wedding day, so many guests commented on how original my gown was and since then, I’ve had several brides-to-be ask where I bought my dress. I’m always happy to tell them that the finished product is a Mary Rita original!

Vanessa Vierra 

street view

Mary Rita,
I can’t thank you enough for all the time & work you put into my wedding dres. I appriciateall that you did for me to make my wedding dressperfect for my special day!It turned out beautiful & everyone loved it!

Brittany Downs Billington

tulle princess wedding dress

I ordered a wedding dress and took it home 2 weeks before the wedding only to realize that the length was more than an inch or so too long. I thought it didn’t really matter that much but quickly realized that to prevent myself from possibly tripping I better have someone look at it anyway just in case. Mary Rita came highly recommended to me by my fiancé, Joshua from Evermoore Films, so I called her immediately. Not only did she suggest the length be hemmed but she also strongly recommended a 5 point bustle, as the dress only came with 1 small button for the bustle. I was so grateful we made those alterations because I had two less things to worry about on my wedding day. I was confident in her expertise and surprised by her quick turn-around. When my bridesmaids arrived the week before the wedding we realized that they too needed just a little extra hem on their dresses and Mary Rita was quick to finish everything in plenty of time before the wedding. We were all so grateful for her flexibility in meeting with us, her positive attitude in addressing the potential problems, and her overall service and prices. I highly recommend Mary Rita to every bride who may need alterations and to every bride who doesn’t think they’ll need her until the last minute!

~Emily Beth Moore

lace & tulle wedding dress

jessicia westberry

Mary Rita Nommensen made my wedding day a real life fairy tale. I was recommended to her through a friend that had just recently gotten married. She told me Mary Rita was a women of many talents and spoke highly of her. It wasn’t until I decided to take my dress to her for myself that I realized just how talented she truly is. Every girl has their own vision of their special day, but not every wedding planner, coordinator, organizer or planner can make your dreams come to real life. Mary Rita can. From the moment I first told her what I was thinking for special additions to my ball gown dress, she was already two steps ahead of me with something I felt I just had to have. Her years of experience really come into play making any bride feel like they are in perfect hands. I really enjoyed that I could give her a general idea of what I wanted and she was able to pick up the pieces and make it be even better. For me, the bigger the dress, the better. My Vera Wang ball gown dress was 100 yards of tulle and was everything I had very dreamed. It just needed some glitz and glamour to spunk things up. Mary Rita made this happen in a very respectful and timely manner. She also added feathers and jewels to my bow sash and headpiece, and jazzed up my bouquet, leaving it remarkably marvelous. I felt like a queen on my wedding day and I thank Mary Rita Nommensen for making this happen. My wedding day would have been special if I wouldn’t have met her, but instead it was perfect and timeless all because I did. 

Thank you Mary Rita,
Jessica Struck

abbie 3 in1

 I would like to thank Mary Rita for making my dress fit so perfect . She added pearl bling buttons on my back zipper and i loved it. And I also love her idea of having color coded buttons to bustle my dress. And of course my lucky coin, the six pence. I haven’t heard anything about it until she told me and that’s so sweet of her. Thank you for sewing my veil into the comb the way I wanted. My dress was given to me on a beautiful hanger :-) My friend recommend Mary Rita to me and I recommended her to one of my friend who’s getting married this September and can’t wait to see her on her dress Abbie Dy


Photo Patrick Eng

Mary Rita at Sew Elegant, is a gifted woman who was able to turn my idea’s of the alterations I needed to make my dress perfect into a reality! She not only exceeded my expectations, she hung my dress beautifully so that when I picked it up the presentation was amazing. Sew Elegant also carries the most beautiful veils that provide the special touch. Mary Rita was trained in New York, she knows what she is doing, and she can accomplish the impossible, and do it in a timely manner!

Bethany Rheanne Hausen 6/15/2013

Ashley-Eric-Hofmann-00705-2 bridge

Photo by Rick Thompson 

I can’t say enough good things about Mary Rita!! There is truly no comparison between working with her and a dress shop. When my mom and I went to Mary Rita for the first dress fitting before my wedding, I thought that I just needed the top taken in a bit and maybe an inch or so off the bottom. I loved my dress and couldn’t imagine that there was anything that could be done to it to make it prettier. I was wrong!! Mary Rita had great ideas for improving the dress such as removing some of the heavy material in the skirt to make it lighter and more comfortable while enhancing the lace detailing. I couldn’t have been happier with the finished product. Mary Rita’s attention to detail and creativity are amazing!! She did a fantastic job with my mom and sister’s dresses as well. The bridesmaids dresses that I chose ended up being very difficult to work with and the sizing was all off but Mary Rita made my sister’s look like it had been made for her. My mom’s dress also needed quite a bit of work, including a last minute emergency that she took care of in one night. I don’t know what we would have done without Mary Rita!! If you are looking for an incredibly talented and creative alteration specialist, look no further. Mary Rita is the best at what she does and makes you feel so comfortable throughout the whole process. Thanks again for everything that you did for us before my wedding!!

~Ashley Hofman 4/13/13

mermaid ruffle, beaded belt
You did such a wonderful job on my dress, it fit me so perfectly for my special day. I wore it all day AND into the night, it’s a such a fun dress. Hope all is well and that you have a happy new year!

Natalie Mills



beaded belt

Words cannot explain just how amazing Mary Rita made my special day. She made the search for my dress easy, affordable, and most importantly she took the stress out! Every fitting I had she was so attentive and detail oriented. Just what you want as a bride! Every aspect of my dress was well planned and thought out by MAry Rita herself and I couldnt be more happy with the way it turned out! From the veil to the dress…. It was a real show stopper!

Mary Rita, all I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You gave me everything I wanted and more.

Madison Ruelas

rk (143)katelyn standing in doorway




I wanted to share some pictures of my gorgeous dress you altered for my wedding on May 4 2013! It was at JEH Ranch and Photography by Made U Look. The dress was perfect! Thank you so much!!

Katelyn Smithson 5/4/13

JM10-X3 marissa mountainFor my wedding a few months ago, I was given the opportunity to wear my cousin’s first dress that she bought, but then rejected it when she found a second one. At first I thought that I would never wear someone else’s rejected dress, but when I tried it on, I knew it had potential. The dress was beautiful, but too fancy. I needed something more my style. My cousin and I pulled the dress in many positions and knew it could work. But who could do the work? I searched online and found Mary Rita. The first time we talked on the phone she was very professional, friendly, and easy to work with. We set up an appointment and off to work she went! Mary Rita had flexible hours (which was very helpful for me) as well as a comfortable work environment. Mary Rita was able to complete everything I asked for, made appropriate recommendations which I appreciated, and did it all at a great price. She worked in a timely manner and I never felt pressure that it would not be done on time. Because of Mary Rita, I wore a once rejected dress that turned into an absolutely fabulous dress!! Thank you Mary Rita!!

Marissa Hansen 5/31/13

full back

Photo by Trish Moore Higgins

Mary Rita is a godsend. She made us feel so comfortable. She can do anything with a wedding dress, she’s absolutely amazing. We loved working with her because she made us feel confident no matter what. I think the biggest thing girls worry about is their wedding dress. Mary Rita with her talent, her kindness and her ability to calm any bride was a pleasant experience and I recommend her to every bride I run into !!!

Trish Moore Higgins – Mother of the Bride


mermaid ruffle, beaded belt

Photo Debbie Levin

1469737_627822837235_1470477319_n front

You did such a wonderful job on my dress, it fit me so perfectly for my special day. I wore it all day AND into the night, it’s a such a fun dress. Hope all is well and that you have a happy new year!

Natalie Mills


Mary Rita took a dress that I had buyers remorse with and turned it into my dream dress!! Thank you Mary Rita, for your vision, your patience, and your amazing talent! You are truly a blessing.

Stephanie Eddington

NYF - Kreiser Wedding - 157

Mary Rita,
Thank you so much for helping to make out wedding day so spectacular. my wedding gown fit me perfectly and everyone was telling me how beautiful it was. You helped make me feel like a princess. thanks again,

Mrs. Katie Kreiser

Melissa Foster

Thank you so much for altering my wedding dress! You were always so happy and upbeat, it was a pleasure dealing with someone who truly enjoys what they do.

Melissa Foster Tappen 2/2/2013

NYF - Kreiser Wedding - 687

Dear Mary Rita,

Thank you so much for making me feel beautiful on my wedding day. I appreciate your honesty when I brought you my dress. My dress looked plain and simple. I felt nothing. Then you came up with the idea’s of making a slit & shirring one side of my dress, to show of my legs, and you lowered & cut out the back of my dress,adding Rhinestone buttons to show off, my back, so I would feel sexy on my wedding day. I am a 50 year old bride I needed that confidence. I will, and do tell everyone about how great my experience was with you.

Thanks again, Lorie Kreiser

monicia & girls

Mary Rita did an amazing job on my dress!!! She not only did EXACTLY what I wanted, but she was able to suggest SO many things that she thought I would love and is completely understanding if you want to tell her you do or don’t like her suggestions. She has seen more wedding dresses than the average bride and I would say to anyone to put all of your trust in her. It is absolutely worth it. She has so many different things she can do to compliment any body style! I waited last minute and had a month or less left when I came to see her. I had 4 fittings and she was so flexible with her schedule just to make sure it worked for me. I would absolutely recommend her to any bride in need of alterations. The purple under my dress was an awesome little surprise that no one expected and I LOVED that it didn’t show until I lifted my dress. It was gorgeous. My mom ended up bringing her dress also !

Monica Toone1115 Ryan Monica purple tulleChristy on rock

Hi Mary Rita,

I’m sorry I didn’t get this to you sooner. Christy made a beautiful bride and took your advice on how to overcome her terrible anxiety on her big day. She had orange juice with a little liquor (tequila) mixed in it. She smiled throughout the whole event and no one could have guessed just how nervous she was. She was actually able to relax and enjoy herself. And thank you again for the beautiful work you did on her dress. She could’t have been happier with it.

Dianne Carlyon -Mother of the Bride


Photo by Austin Thomas

I was very pleased working with you Ms. Mary Rita. I love how you added little details to the gown to make it very special. absolutely love the rhinestone buttons in the back & the something blue sixpence inside. You are truly an amazing & have no doubt recommending you to other brides! xoxo

Josephine Mahfouz 5/9/13


“I highly recommend Mary Rita Nommensen for any of your design or alteration needs. I had Mary Rita make my wedding dress from a picture I provided her. It was a unique dress, and she suggested I go to Los Angeles fabric district to view different samples of materials. She was kind enough to provide me with information and a map of where to go. Once I chose the fabric I gave a sample to Mary Rita, she went to Los Angeles and got the fabric. Very generous! Mary Rita worked well with me and was very kind and flexible. She did a wonderful job on my dress and everybody complimented me about it at my wedding. Just to reiterate, I would highly recommend Mary Rita.”

Thank you, Oni


 All I can say about Mary Rita is wow! What a talented lady! I ordered my dress online and absolutely hated it once I tried it on. It was nothing like I had envisioned based on the original pictures that were online. By God’s grace I stumbled upon Mary Rita’s website and was immediately blown away by her work. I called her and from the first phone call she was the nicest and most caring person I had talked to in regards to wedding attire. She took the time to make me feel like family even before we had ever met; and she was even able to work within my month time limit from the very first time I called her. 
Once I took my dress to her I knew immediately that I had made the right decision. She walked around me and began to put a beautiful lace trim around the hem of my train. With each fitting I began to get goosebumps because I finally felt like I had found my wedding dress; the dress every little girl dreams of.  I can honestly say that Mary Rita is my first choice when it comes to having anything altered and I would recommend her to any bride looking for  either alter or make your wedding dress your own. Thanks again for all you have done for me! 
Nicole Rainbolt 12/29/12


Photo by Holly Carlyle

Mary Rita at Sew Alterations was truly amazing! She turned an already beautiful dress into glamour! Not only did she do my dress but she did my bridesmaids, flower girl, and my mothers as well! Every single dress came out gorgeous!! She not only got the job done but it didn’t feel like a transaction….I feel like I gained a relationship out of it. Pricing was very affordable and well worth every penny! I refer anyone I know to Mary Rita…she’s the best!! Thank You Mary Rita!!

Kimberly Klassen Morales 10/20/2012

P_Mr and Mrs Evey024

Thank you so much for all the work you did on my dress and creating my veil. My Grandmother and Aunts were so touched when they saw how beautifully the lace had been used.You have such a keen eye and great talent!
Warm Regards,

Rachel Cunningham Evey

kath front view

Hi Mary Rita,
I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for altering my wedding dress to fit so perfectly! As you know, Tom & I eloped to Lake Tahoe, so after the ceremony we had dinner at a quaint little restaurant, just the two of us. I received so many nice compliments on my dress from several of the other diners. One nice lady saw us in the upstairs restaurant from the outdoor patio below, and actually came up to our table just to tell us how lovely we looked! I could not have been happier with the fit & look of the dress. I’ve attached some photos for your portfolio; please feel free to share with your other clients.Thank you again for helping to make our day perfect!!

Kath Mac Neill  7/23/2013 

misty dancing back bustleWOW! Absolutely incredible! Mary Rita was commended by 3 friends. She is really is amazing.I had two dresses, but the one I really l loved was a tad small, She reassured me anything was possible and she could make either dress work for me. After meeting with her in person, not only did I  get my dream dress but I had such peace and joy! She truly put me at ease about my dress and how she would make it work.

She not only made it fit perfectly, she made it a sweetheart cut in the front and her Bustle  was absolutely phenomenal, it looked beautiful, and I was able to dance the night away in it. You could not even tell what she added, her hooks were beautiful and  they looked like part of the dress. She color coordinated the under bustle making it simple to bustle.  I I felt like Cinderella with her trimming my dress, she added her own additional special pieces like the sixpence coin and a bit of blue on the underside.  

I truly cannot say enough about her. The most wonderful experience ever! She made having my dress altered a joyous time, I  so looked forward to fittings with her because she “always” made me feel so awesome. I would say she must be the BEST in Bakersfield. I can’t imagine how anyone could be any better, her talent is Unbelievable, her personality it the best and her prices are more than reasonable. I was super blessed to have had her recommended to me.  

She also altered my daughters bridesmaid dress. I must brag, of the four Bridesmaids hers by far was altered the best. She did things we didn’t even know to ask for because she knew it would make it look better. After meeting with my daughter and learning her taste, she is so creative and added the “special touch” since it was the :Maid of honor dress. She used some of the material that was removed to make an adornment on the front side of the waist along with a vintage brooch and Jewelry. We LOVED it.

I highly recommend Mary Rita and would even say you are missing out if you go Elsewhere! 

Thank you Mary Rita, you made my One and Only Wedding Day “‘Extra special”

With much Love and Many Blessings to you.

 Misty Besinaiz  10/20/2012


fit like a glove pearl buttons

pearl buttons added mantia veil

I had the pleasure of working with Mary Rita Nommensen of Sew Elegant Bridal Veils and Alterations for my daughter’s wedding.  She did the alterations on my daughter’s wedding gown and my mother of the bride dress. She transformed my daughter’s lace wedding gown that was multiple sizes too big into a perfectly fitted gown that looked like it had been custom made for her. My dress came out fitting impeccable, too. The veil she got for my daughter complimented her gown perfectly.

 Mary Rita has extensive experience in the wedding and the fashion industry and offered us a lot of advice and suggestions. She was very professional and always had our dresses ready to try on for our scheduled fittings.  She is very detail oriented and passionate about her work, which is first-rate. I highly recommend Mary Rita Nommensen, especially because her customers leave laughing from her stories and satisfied with a perfectly fitted dress for their important day!

 -Karen Martinez 8/2/2012

Kayla ladd

I was recently married on April 20 2013, and had the pleasure of working with Mary Rita. There are no words to describe how AMAZING she is! There were some things that needed to get fixed and altered on my dress and they weren’t exactly easy either. Mary Rita had such creative ideas and made my dress PERFECT! I loved her work SO much that she altered my Mom’s dress, and two of my bridesmaids’ dresses! We were all in love with her! She has a very down to earth personality and is so personable that you feel extremely comfortable. Her creativity and dedication makes every single dress to die for! She is extremely affordable, and it is obvious that she LOVES what she does! My Mom and I cannot thank her enough for her talent and hard work! We DEFINITELY will be recommending Mary Rita to EVERYONE we know! Thanks so much!

Kayla Ladd Campista

sheri ron knee

Dear Mary Rita of “SEW ELEGANT” 

Words cannot say how grateful I am for all your amazing talent that transformed my “dress with a vision” into my wedding gown that I’ have always dreamed of!!!

When I sent you the picture of my dress it was a “do your thing, we can let it out?” “Do you think we could add something to it?” kind of dress…Who knew! Even though I loved the shape of the dress and the lace and the tulle, I still felt like I was uncertain of it’s possibilities. But I could not resist the affordable price tag. I felt like, Oh well, I can’t lose. 

I bought the dress and brought it over and in the first ten minutes my dress was like Cinderella Going to the Ball! I cried and felt like it was the most beautiful wedding dress I had ever seen!  My heart melted. You gave me every detail I was looking for and in your magical special way you just knew what I wanted.It truly became My Dream Dress!

Although my wedding gown was perfect for me in every way I had mentioned that it would be sad to change for our reception because my soon to be husband and I love to dance. I knew that we would be very busy with  pictures and guests and wanted to move freely.  So I said I was considering another gown just for the reception. 

When my dress couldn’t get any more amazing you worked magic again. You said “you don’t need another dress! Lets make the bottom of this dress detachable. It will be no problem and you will love the freedom and comfort you will get while still wearing your elegant gown!” My mouth dropped!   Once again—magic!

 My husband and I made it part of the festivities. Instead of a garter, he ripped off the bottom of my gown and twirled it up over his head!! Our guests went wild! We danced the night away! I was so comfortable, cool, easy moving and glamorous!!! Only you could do something so totally extraordinary to a wedding gown! 

So when I say words cannot express my feelings when I hear the words my friends and family still say…”THAT DRESS!!! and I think of you! To add more gratefulness because of you and your “MAGIC” my little “something” of a dress turned into quite a big deal of a dress. It has been the poster gown for “Brides against Breast Cancer” and what an honor for the Bridal Association to Kern County to use my dress for its poster dress! It has also walked the runway at the Bridal Show always dropping jaws!! It was recently featured with you in Bakersfield Magazine representing one of your FABULOUS  dresses for Sew Elegant. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. All my love and gratitude! 

Sheri Shoemaker 8/8/2012.

b w bell tower

b w stainglass Victoria

Dear Mary Rita,

I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my daughter’s wedding attire. When we purchased her classic ivory ballgown from Costco, I was thrilled when it was delivered to our doorstep. That is, until I was hit with the realization that we were on our own for alterations. The dress needed a bustle, and beyond that, who knew? I had no idea where to turn. Luckily, I asked around and someone gave me your number. From the moment we met you, I knew we were in good hands. You were so easy to work with, answering questions, lending suggestions, guiding us through the process, and offering reassurance along the way. I felt like we hit the jackpot finding a wedding gown expert right here in Bakersfield!

In the end, the gown fit perfectly, and the color coded bustle loops were a snap to use. I managed to single-handedly bustle the gown in the church foyer in less than 5 minutes. You even embellished the slip to make it fit comfortably and stay in place–something I never would have thought of. Most impressively, you created a beautiful headpiece that transformed my 30 year old veil into something modern, elegant, and stunning, then dyed it to match the gown. As a finishing touch, you embellished her garter with an applique from my original headpiece, so she could carry a bit more of my wedding tradition with her on her big day. All of this for less than half of the gown designer’s flat-rate fee for alterations, which I would have had to drive to L.A. for.

It was a joy to watch my beautiful daughter walk down the aisle on her wedding day. She looked stunning in her gown and veil. Mary Rita, I can’t thank you enough for the major part you played in her big day!


Lisa Boles Mother of the Bride 9/26/2012 


Photo by Kelli’s Keepsake Photography

Dear Mary Rita,

I want you to know how wonderful it was to do business with you.  When I first contacted you, I was concerned because I had just met with an alterations person who asked me if I had any suggestions on how to shorten my daughter’s wedding gown!  She was suppose to be the professional and she was asking me!  We knew we were in trouble, so we promptly left that establishment. 

Our next stop was the Bra Shoppe, where we happen to mention our previous encounter and frustration with the alterations person to the owners.  They immediately gave us your name and number.  I called you as soon as possible, and while I was on the phone with you, you were looking up my daughter’s dress online so we could discuss our hemming and alteration options.  This proactive approach was all I needed to know–you were the alterations professional for us!

We made an appointment with you, and when we arrived you were able to tell us how you could alter the bodice of the gown, shorten the gown to the appropriate length, and create a truly unique way to bustle the gown for ease of walking after the ceremony.  

Your prices are the best in town, your work is impecable, and your knowledge of sewing techniques is vast.  Thank you so much for everything you did for us.  We recommend you to anyone who asks about alterations, especially wedding gowns.

Thank you again,
Terri Smith 6/2/2012

victoria in fields

Photo Patrick Eng

Words cannot explain how thankful I am to have met Mary Rita. When first meeting Mary Rita, she made me feel so comfortable and excited about what she would be able to do for my wedding dress and veil. Mary Rita has talent like no other alteration specialist out here. Her kindness, very sweet personality, willingness, and hard work ethic made my experience with her, one of the best ever. Planning a wedding is one of the most important, exciting, yet stressful events of your life, not to mention the wedding dress being one of the most important. I knew that once I stepped foot in Mary Rita’s home that I was in good hands. She was able to take my ideas and make the most gorgeous wedding veil ever! My long cathedral crystal, embroidered monogram veil was to die for! She definitely made me feel like a princess and made my wedding dress fit like a glove and so comfortable.  Every fitting was such a fun time. I always left her house with a smile and excitement to the extreme. I am so thankful for Mary Rita’s alteration and creation in veils. She made my wedding attire exactly what I always dreamed of! 

 Victoria Garcia 9/2/2012

Vivtoria Garcia.JPG compressed monogram

jackie water

I absolutely loved what Mary Rita Nommensen did to my wedding dress! It looked like a different dress when she was done and I loved it!! She has great ideas and make everything so easy and stress free! She is very reasonable and I would highly recommend her for your alterations!!

Jackie Moreno 9/22/2012



I can’t express to you how pleased I was with your work. It’s been several months since my wedding and I’m still getting compliments on my dress. Thank you so much for making me feel as close to perfect as possible on my wedding day.

Brianne Moore 11/5/2011


Ashley Woods

I used Mary Rita Nommensen for all my wedding dress alterations. She was amazing to work with and her work is just breathtaking !

Ashley Wood Shafer 6/16/2012

Jessicia L

I was married last October and I desperately needed I my dress hemmed, let out, taken  in other places, lets be honest.. Fixed in general! Mary Rita saved my dress and made my wedding day! She was so lovely to work with and made me the happiest bride! My wedding was wonderful and when my (now husband) saw me he got teary eyed, and softly whispered, “you look amazing!” I owe it to her! She also was kind enough to add a little something extra that made me have precious memories forever. A cute little sixpence with a tiny blue rose. This representing the sixpence that gives you luck and wealth in your marriage and the blue rose of course being your “something blue”. I was so thrilled I showed it off to everyone! She also added colored ribbons and showed me how to use them to bustle my dress. That made it so much easier and faster. My dress was perfect and I felt like a million bucks! I really did look amazing, thanks to Mary Rita! 

 Jessica Lucey 10-20-2012!


All I can say about Mary Rita is wow! What a talented lady! I ordered my dress online and absolutely hated it once I tried it on. It was nothing like I had envisioned based on the original pictures that were online. By God’s grace I stumbled upon Mary Rita’s website and was immediately blown away by her work. I called her and from the first phone call she was the nicest and most caring person I had talked to in regards to wedding attire. She took the time to make me feel like family even before we had ever met; and she was even able to work within my month time limit from the very first time I called her. 

Once I took my dress to her I knew immediately that I had made the right decision. She walked around me and began to put a beautiful lace trim around the hem of my train. With each fitting I began to get goosebumps because I finally felt like I had found my wedding dress; the dress every little girl dreams of.  I can honestly say that Mary Rita is my first choice when it comes to having anything altered and I would recommend her to any bride looking for a alteration specialist to either alter or make your wedding dress your own.  

Thanks again Mary Rita for all you have done for me. I will call you if I ever have anything else in need of alteration. 

 Nicole Rainbolt 12/28/2012

kayla tree 3

Well I can honestly say it was a true miracle the way I met Mary Rita. During the time of my upcoming wedding I was working at Kern Schools Federal Credit Union. I had purchased my dress at David’s Bridal and of course they said I had to get the alterations done with them as well. I was stressing about the alterations they said I needed, which was almost the price another wedding dress! I prayed I would find someone who knew how to work with wedding dresses and was still reasonably priced. And then God sent Mary Rita! I was working one day and I happened to call down Mary Rita to help her with her transaction. She took notice of my engagement ring and asked if I had someone for alterations already. I explained to her what David’s Bridal was going to do and how much they would be charging. Then she told me her story and how she had been working with Little White Dress and worked in New York’s fashion center for many years. She gave me her business card and the date was set.

She added sleeves and matching lace beading to my strapless dress. Matching lace appliques were added on to my dress to make a beautiful bustle which was different from the original 18 point bustle that David’s wanted to do. I was completely excited and could not wait for the finished product! The icing on the cake was my veil. She embroidered mine & my husband’s initials into the veil and added beading around it. The veil looked AMAZING and it matched the dress perfectly! I could not have been happier with the work that Mary Rita did with my dress. She truly is a very talented woman. Anyone who puts the care of their dress in Mary Rita’s hands will NOT be sorry!

kayla close up shoulders


Kayla Rodriquez 6/9/2012 

bw kayla monogram






As you can see Alexandria’s dress fits so beautifully, it was a great pleasure working with you. I’m so glad we met you!

-Elizabeth Dean (mother of the bride)  3/30/2012


 Hello Mary Rita!

 The wedding went great! You did a great job! Thank you so much for your help! It was such a pleasure to work with you and get everything done before my big day! :)

 Thanks again, 

Amber Pratt Boatwright 10/6/2012


wedding laura alfred swing

Having Mary Rita do my alterations was one of the best decisions I made planning our wedding. She was so helpful, cheerful and her work was impeccable.   She was most accommodating for me with my work schedule and her experience and her professionalism is nothing short of amazing. I had a French bustle done, meaning my dress bustled underneath my dress.  She color coded everything so I could get bustled in a flash after the ceremony.She also nicely packed my dress so I could take it on the plane since I was doing a destination wedding.  

Thank you again,

Laura Alford-Bargnesi  9/1/2012


Mary Rita did such an amazing job in my wedding dress! She took the zipper out of my dress and made a lace up to make sure that it fit in the day of! :-)

 If weren’t for her I probably would have gone crazy! She turned my dream dress into more than I could fathom! She was there to ease my stress level and worked so hard to make me comfortable in my wedding dress! Thank You! 

Jillian Pedrow  9/15/2012

beaded sash

Dress looked amazing.
Thx Nikki 




Appreciation and thanks goes out to you Mary Rita. You made my daughters wedding dress absolutely perfect.  Along with all the additional dresses that came to you, at the last minute. With no hesitation you took care of everything perfectly.  Thanks again for pressing the dresses too.  This additional touch not only saved me time not needing to use the dry cleaners, but saved me money as well. Mary Rita you are amazing!

Terry Newman 6/16/2012

Photo by Made U Look Photography


Good Evening Mary Rita! I hope all is well with you! I thought I would share some photos you. I got SO MANY compliments on my wedding dress. Thank you for making it so spectacular. It was gorgeous! I loved changing the zipper to the pearl buttons, and adding the tiny rhinestones and the lace details.Thanks for everything!

Ashley Kammeraad 6/30/2012

 Photo by   www.madeulookphotography



I got Married back in October I had so many things to get done before our wedding day and my dress had a few things to get done as well. I entrusted Mary Rita with it and had no doubts it was in great hands! She worked with in my time frame and I have no complaints on my dress! I have to give Mary Rita a huge Thank You for her work it was such a pleasure to have met her and entrusting her with my wedding dress.

 Lolita Alaniz 10/6/2012

Amy Henry Window Edited (2)

In December I flew into Bakersfield to visit my mom for Christmas. We decided to stop by a wedding dress boutique after she picked me up from the airport.  This was my first attempt at finding a wedding dress.  The wedding was scheduled for the end of June. The boutique was closing so everything was discounted. I found a Melissa Sweet dress that looked great with my body shape. The dress was a floor model and the top organza layer was beyond repair. The owner of the boutique mentioned that she knew an amazing seamstress that worked magic.  We met with Mary Rita a few days later at the boutique and discussed our options on replacing the organza.  We decided on replacing the organza with georgette fabric and adding a little lace. One week later I found out I was pregnant. I was going to be seven and half months pregnant at the wedding. Mary Rita kept her cool and told me to enjoy the pregnancy. She said not to worry she would transform it into a gorgeous dress that fit me perfectly. The dress had to be completely reconstructed. She had to continually open it up because I just kept growing and growing.  She ended up added a beautiful corset that allowed me room to grow and made the dress much more comfortable. The end product was beyond anything I could have imagined. It did not look anything like the original dress. The georgette was light-weight and flowed elegantly. The bodice was redone in lace and was on of my favorite parts of the dress. The corset was gorgeous with lace appliqués surrounding it.  I was concerned about dancing in the dress. I was already a little unsteady on my feet since I was carrying an extra 25 pounds. Mary Rita put small pearls around the dress at calf length and loops on the inside of the bottom of the dress. I attached the loops to the pearls and it made the dress 6 inches shorter. It was such an awesome idea. I was able to dance all night without a worry and it gave the dress a billowy look that was beautiful. The dress was perfect.  Mary Rita went above and beyond my expectations. I cannot thank her enough. She really does magic.

 Amy Henry Flagstaff, Arizona  6/23/2012



Mary Rita is fabulous! Not only was the price right but the job was done right the first time. I have finally found a reliable seamstress that, not only got my wedding dress perfect, but can handle any other job I send to her.  Thank you Mary Rita!

Sara Hurley  12/2011


.My experience with Mary Rita was very delightful and one of the least stressful things when planning my wedding. She was very efficient and did great quality of work. I took my dress in and she had it finished in no time! She even put a cute small flower on the inside since I had not found anything for my “something blue”. I would highly recommend her to any future brides-to-be. Thanks so much Mary Rita!

Mary Whitener  9/11/2011


I found a cocktail style dress for my simple wedding ceremony at Little White Dress however it was a bit too large. When I asked the girls who I should take my dress to for alterations, they immediately told me about Mary Rita. From the very first phone call to the final fitting, Mary Rita was so fun and had great ideas. Her work is flawless, and she can complete your items on any timeline. I have worked with her since my wedding, and again I could not be more happy with my dresses. She has a great personality, listens to everything that you want done and very easy to work with!

Stacy Bainton-Shapiro  2011


When stress turns into weight loss the week before a wedding it can be a brides worst nightmare, especially if you are crazy enough to be at a 5 day horse show the week before your wedding as I was. Thankfully Mary Rita ( having wonderfully made custom show clothes for some of my clients before) assured me after a single fitting before I left town that all would be right with my dress and not to give it another thought. She was so right my dress fit perfect and was pressed and ready to go when I picked it up, she even sewed a blue flower and a lucky silver coin into the dress. Something so simple yet so special. Thank You so much for taking care of me!

Xoxo Mandi Kissack 4/21/2012


Krisstal in chair

I went to Mary Rita two months before my wedding so she could help alter my dress from hell. I had ordered it online and everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Luckily she could fit me in. She made my dress fit wonderfully. Also Mary Rita spruced it up by putting pearl buttons down the back, and made my front sash A LOT more pretty. She took in the train, fixed the bodice, and even put a six pence on my dress. One thing I really liked was she listened to what I wanted and just made small suggestions. She even put a little button on the dress so when I was done dragging it around I could pin it up (thank goodness!!!). I will never be getting married again, but if i were to I would not hesitate in calling Mary Rita again because she made all the difference. 

-Krisstal (A Very Happy Bride.) 10/13/2012

Julie Brady color

Mary Rita,

Here is a pictures of my dress. It looked gorgeous and fit perfectly! Thank you for your work on it and for helping make our day so beautiful.

-Julie Brady 5/19/2012

“Thank you, Mary Rita, for your beautiful alteration of my Mother’s veil for my daughter, Katie’s wedding. Your suggestions and your delicate work created the perfect veil. Katie, my mom and I will always have wonderful memories of how she looked in her grandmother’s veil on her special day.”


Sue Benham 6/2012


Mary Rita, 

Thank you so much for the fantastic alterations! The finishing touches of the rhinestone buttons and beading turned a great dress to the wedding dress of my dreams!! The beaded veil was the icing on the cake. All my love

Lindsey Watkins 3/30/2012

Dear Mary Rita, 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for making my wedding dress so special and personal to me! It fit like a glove and it finally felt like my dress could not have been more perfect! Everything that day was amazing and I felt amazing because I was in a dress that felt like it was made just for me!! Thank you again.

 All the very best,

Madeline Symn 6/23/2012


Mary Rita is wonderful! She is a true professional with a creative eye. She altered my wedding dress to fit my body and had great suggestions that gave my dress that special look. I will continue to go to her for all my dress alterations. She’s the best!

 Sandra Taylor 3/10/2012



Photo by Kandid Kamera

Mary Rita it was such a pleasure working with you! Your fun personality and great attitude were evident from the first phone call and from that point on I knew I would enjoy working with you. You gave my wedding dress such a special touch and made it unique, I loved it. Your prices and service were great and  I will highly recommend you to friends and family. Thank you Mary Rita for a beautiful job! By the way the garter set you made for me was beautiful along with the matching bag! 

-Olivia Frausto 7/14/2012

Photo by  Misty Dameron  

 Hi Mary Rita!

I wanted to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all that you did for my wedding!!  Everything turned out PERFECT!  :)  I loved the grey polka dotted ring pillow & garter!  Thank you so much for being so flexible & willing to make me exactly what I wanted!!  And the veil was absolutely stunning :) I was very pleased with how everything turned out & will absolutely recommend you to anyone asking for veils & alterations.

Amanda Stevens 7/14/2012
petite bride rhinestone * crystal

 Mary Rita did such a wonderful job on altering my wedding dress! I am very petite (4’9″) so my dress needed to be taken in and hemmed quite a bit. Mary Rita was so kind with a friendly and bubbly personality that made the whole process of altering my dress painless. In addition to fixing the fit, I wanted to take the sweetheart neckline down a little because I am so petite.  Mary Rita made that look great and also added bra cups for an extra lift. She  also added a side bustle, using  beautiful rhinestone beading to match the dress.   A tiny blue rosette ribbon and sixpence was also sewed into the inside of my dress. I loved that special touch, it’s the little things that count.  My dress turned out absolutely beautiful and I received many compliments including the most important of all – from my groom!

Thank you for everything Mary Rita !

 Sylvia Buchanan (Newland) 10/6/2012


Appolinia stairs small

Mary Rita’s number was given to me from a family friend who trusts her to do her children’s formal and prom dresses. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but when Mary Rita invited me in to her home I knew I was in good hands. She has a lot of experience in altering wedding dresses. She altered my dress in a short amount of time, for a decent price. I was completely happy with my dress and she made everything very simple. She’s so friendly and welcoming. She really did an excellent job with everything. I cannot thank her enough!

Apolonia Sanford 10/20/2012