Choosing the perfect veil

Wedding veils have become extremely diverse. Choosing the perfect wedding veil is all about finding the look you’re planning to achieve. Usually, the selection of the veil comes after you’ve made up your mind about the style of the dress. G

Often, the length of your veil is determined either by your tastes or your wedding style. These are the most common wedding styles for each veil option, but you can choose whatever suits you best. If you do not want a long veil for the whole event, you can also consider removing the veil or bustling the veil up.

There are 11 standard veils available; each term here represents a different style and length, but the sky is the limit.

Birdcage Veil: The traditional birdcage veil is a short veil that extends just below the chin of the bride; however, a new way to wear it is to crop the net so it falls just below the eyes or to sweep it asymmetrically across the face.  The birdcage veil is a dramatic, modern, and unique choice of veil.  Bird cage veils are made of French, Russian and English netting, the French netting being the tightest smallest squares & the English being the largest squares. And confident woman.  

Blusher: A Blusher is worn over your face as you walk down the isle. The blusher may be lifted at the altar by the person giving you away, or left in place until the officiate says the words “You may kiss the bride” The length of the blusher traditionally touches the shoulder. The most common length is 20”.

Elbow Length Veil:  This length veil just reaches your elbows or your .waist, 25” is the most common length.

Waist Length Veil: The most common length is 30”

Fingertip Veil: A fingertip veil is usually 36” -50” depending on your height in order to graze your fingertips when your fingers are extended. 36” is the most common length.

Knee Length Veil: Usually this veil is 45” – 48” long.

Waltz Length Veil: This wedding veil is usually 54″ to 60″. This veil is sometimes also called a Ballerina or Walking veil. The bottom of the veil should land somewhere between your calves and just above the ankles.

Chapel Length Veil: This is currently the most common train because it has the elegance of a full train but is still not overly cumbersome. This veil just touches the floor.  A chapel train is generally 4 feet from the waistline the most common length is 90” -96”

Semi-Cathedral Length Veil: A semi-cathedral is about half way between a chapel and cathedral length. Perfect for a semi-formal or formal wedding gown.

Cathedral Length Veil: This is a popular choice for a formal affair or for that fairy tale look. A cathedral train is generally 108” to 120” and is usually used for a formal wedding. These veils often come with a bustling option or a removable train to allow for better movement on the dance floor.

Royal Monarch Veil: This is one of those veils that are still out the door when you reach the altar. This veil generally falls 9 ft from the waist line and is only used for the most formal wedding.


Edging the Veil


Cut Edge: A veil with a cut edge is a veil with no edging sewn to the tulle, and is the simplest, most classic and clean look for a wedding veil.

Rolled or Pencil Edge: This is the thinnest, most subtle edging sewn on a veil.

Satin cord edging: Thin satin rattail is sewn on the edging…

Ribbon Edge: Ribbon edging is a common, classic look. It is available with any width of satin ribbon, but is typically made with 1/8”, 1/4” or 1/2” ribbon.  A ribbon edge will create a crisp, defined line, and is best used when the bride wants the veil to stand out, or where there is ribbon detailing in the gown.

Lace Edge; Lace edgings offer a classic elegant look, and are particularly popular with mantilla style veils. There are so many types of lace available that you can typically be found one to compliment the lace on your wedding dress. .

Pearl Edge: Thin row of pearls are sewn on the edging…

Crystalbeads and Rhinestone Edging: Edges of the veil are trimmed in Rhinestones & crystals.

Ruffles Edge: 1-1/2- 2-1/2 inch ruffles are sew around the veil edge.

Additional Veil options: Veils can be custom monogrammed, have 3d flowers, scattered pearls or rhinestones. You dream it, I can make it!