Before & Afters Testimonials

back before vanity


I purchased my dress at a small boutique in Seattle. I fell in love with it’s simple elegance. I got in touch with Mary Rita to do some minor alterations as the dress was (what I thought) already pretty perfect. It just needed to be brought in in a couple of places. When we met for our first consultation, I was wowed at Mary Rita’s professionalism and eye to make my dress even better than I imagined. I had taken my dress to a couple of other places in town and was so disappointed in their lack of knowledge for a simple alteration. It is a very scary thing to have someone cut into and alter a brand new dress you just paid thousands of dollars for. Once I met Mary Rita, I knew my dress and I were in good hands. She made the few alterations I needed and even made a couple very simple changes that made my dress look even more beautiful than before. This dress was now not only a beautiful gown, but the perfect gown that was perfectly unique to my body type. Thank you Mary Rita! You are truly amazing.

Ashtin Hall Bush

Afterashtin lace showing swing close up


“When I first picked out my dress I wasn’t in love with it, but I stayed within my budget. I took it to Mary Rita with only the intention of taking it in. After a couple visits with Mary Rita we went a whole new route and my dress became a completely new dress. Mary Rita’s work and attention to detail exceeded my expectations. She took my 1 wedding dress and turned it in to 3 different dresses and made me a wonderful headpiece to match. My dress could not have been more perfect. Thank you Mary Rita for being such a huge part of my special day.”

Bree Rhinhart 











 AFTER – Ceremony Dress 

bree Rhinhart mermaid by fence (2)


  Back satin was removed giving the dress a different look

bree Rhinhart party dress entrance (2)


Reception Dress  

The bottom of the dress became a high low skirt with a lace &  beaded belt.

 Slip- dress

bree Rhinhart short dress








amanda grandma


Patty amandas mom dress


My bride wanted to wear the wedding dress that her Grandma got married in 60 years ago.

 Her mom wore the dress for her wedding 30 years ago.



The wedding was wonderful and so many compliments on the dress.  We absolutely loved it!! Thank you again.  I have it now archived for any future granddaughters LOL

Patricia- mother of the Bride


The dress had aged well & was now a beautiful cream.

Amanda wanted sleeves & no high neck, she was also taller then her mom. I added lace to the existing lace so that they blended together adding more length & drama.The original satin sleeve was taken out,appliqued with lace & than cut behind lace to show skin before being put back in the dress.


amanda rocks & horse

Photo by Patricia Gomez Photography

formal Amanda


courtney before

b fore



The dress was too straight across the front & the bride wanted the back lowered to show off her full back



 new backnew front bridal party








Mary Rita did an amazing job on my wedding dress. I found a dress that had beautiful fabric, but not the style I had envisioned wearing. After talking with Mary Rita she understood what I wanted and transformed my dress into something better than I had in mind! She made an ordinary dress extraordinary!!! Not only did Mary Rita do an amazing job on my dress, she is the sweetest lady I know! Thank you again for making my dream dress!

Courtney Tiger


Mary Rita is the creative visionary anyone would want to work on their wedding dress for their special day. Her kindness and friendly nature attributes to her ability to truly catch the vision each bride has for their dress. She is both extremely talented and timely with her projects. Personally, I asked Mary Rita to create my wedding dress from my mother’s wedding dress and she captured both my desire to keep the dress as close to its original form as possible, as well as my desire to make it my own. She was truly a blessing.

Alizabeth Laxague


Mom’s  80’s  wedding gown dress all satin, puffy sleeves & Big Bows.

before front

Alizabeth back & headpiece before



Alizabeth walking


Alizabeth bk close up

I added a corset to the back, remade the bottom of the dress longer in soft flowing fabric. This is all the original lace redesigned. I also remade the veil & the comb is a part of her mom’s veil.

back view

My Aunt Mary Rita is a genius. She truly is brilliant. I’ve always known as she has been the one to make my Prom & Formal dresses in High School, repair/take in any outfit I’ve ever needed fixed, but this for sure (at least according to me and yes I am a little biased) is her masterpiece.


My Wedding Dress before

I bought my dress for $300 at David’s Bridal. Aunt Mary Rita told me to search thrift shops, garage sales, sale racks at David’s, etc to just find a base dress.

This was the dress I bought…and my input was simple, I wanted it to be full of textures in the skirt, have sleeves, and become short in the front after the wedding so it wouldn’t be as hot.

What M.R. came up with is something that should be featured in every bridal magazine around the world. There aren’t enough words to thank her for her design vision, her amazing skills, and her time. I also want to thank my Grandma who helped out Aunt Mary Rita and hand sewed every that needed hand sewing. She was sewing on my sleeves moments before the wedding. Also thank you to Aunt Debbie for putting some of the final touches on it

color in window

Photo Credit- Lindsey Impagliazzo Left Coast Design Studio)

I wanted a dress with lots of texture, lace, pearls & rhinestones. Grandma ripped apart my mothers dress &  Mary Rita created a tulle & chiffon petal skirt like Tinkerbell that had lace appliques from my moms, Grandmothers &  aunt dresses.The best part about the dress is in all of the different textures on my main skirt, I had my pieces of my mother’s wedding dress, my grandmother’s wedding dress, my aunt Mary Rita’s dress, and my Aunt Debbie’s dress. It was a special way to bring the important woman in my life that have set an incredible example of what marriage should be as I walked down the aisle.

back of dress

Photo Credit- Lindsey Impagliazzo Left Coast Design Studio)

The back was completely gutted and turned it into a sheer lace corset back, using the lace from my moms veil at the hip.

NeilBrookeLong version of the dress while Dad walked me down the aisle & after with my husband…


 Photo Credit- Lindsey Impagliazzo Left Coast Design Studio)


brookereception short





Strapless shorter version of the dress while dancing with my brother!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Photo Credit- Dave Goody

And last but not least…the DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY short version of the dress. The big skirt was fastened onto the dress with buttons and my bridesmaids/men took it off on the dance floor while the song “Hot In Herre” by Nelly was on.

*Yes I ended up with our #SorryImNotSorry Trucker hat on at the end of the night..and no I’m not sorry!

SERIOUSLY! My Aunt Mary Rita is the best! If you are looking for someone to alter your dress or help create something incredible like what she did for me, give her a call… 661-205-0645.


I was given a referral to Mary Rita when I only had a little over a month until my wedding to find a dress. Yes, a month :) I was dead set on a Paolo Sebastian dress style that I was not finding in any store.

inspiration 2

I went for a consultation with Mary Rita with every picture I could find of the dress and of every angle to show her to see if she could possibly start from scratch and make me a wedding dress. She recommended to me to try and find a dress with the overall shape and she could design the rest. I went to the garment district and found a really tacky dress but it had the exact shape I wanted. Giving her something to start with.

front base layer


back during Kylie








She took apart the dress and completely transformed the dress to exactly what I was looking for. One thing I really appreciated with working with Mary Rita is how she always made sure it was what I wanted. She gave me so many options and choices but always wanted it to be what I wanted. She is the most creative person I’ve ever met. My dress happened in stages. I went to see her one or twice a week. Every time I left her house I was so excited to see my dress the next time.The time and effort she spends on her clients is very special. She suggested a detachable train on my dress that she made that added the final touch.  Having a dress that was specially handmade for my day was such an amazing experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Kylie on beach

Thank you Mary Rita for giving me the perfect dress. Everyone thought I was crazy for starting this process(my dress) so late and having it made not knowing what it would look like. I had complete confidence in Mary Rita and everyone was so eager to see the final product. Needless to say I had a million compliments all night long.

Kylie Browning




This petite bride has heels on in this picture & was not happy with the dress for her beach wedding. I slimmed out the underskirt of all the fullness to show off her figure. In the picture below she looks taller even though she is barefoot.




Hope you  and your family had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s.  I thought I would share with you the before and after photo of my wedding dress. You did an amazing job on my dress and it really shows in the photos.. Our wedding turned out beautiful. Thank you so much for helping me bring my visions to reality! 

Leslie Sniffin


Copy of Vanessa Toews before front

I purchased my dress from a shop in Los Angeles. While I thought it beautiful when I bought it, I wanted more movement in the skirt. I asked the shop in LA if their seamstress would be able to open the skirt to add more volume so that I could twirl and swish on the dance floor. The manager of the shop told me that what I wanted was impossible. I was disappointed and started to look for alternatives. I looked around for a budget-friendly second gown that had more volume, but couldn’t find anything that I liked that wouldn’t break the bank. I decided to look for someone who could see my vision.

before back vanessa

When I found Mary Rita, I knew that I was going to be happy. She listened to what I wanted and worked her magic to create a beautiful and unique gown that combined the fit and the movement that I wanted. I couldn’t have been happier with the work of art she created. On my wedding day, so many guests commented on how original my gown was and since then, I’ve had several brides-to-be ask where I bought my dress. I’m always happy to tell them that the finished product is a Mary Rita original!

Vanessa Vierra                                               AFTER

dan & Vanessa



collage photo

My Bride liked the simple fabric of this strapless dress but really wanted the straps & a low lace back for updated sleek look to set off her ink work.


before dress


amy sitting

Photos by Austin Thomasamy sparklers

 My Bride did not want the lace in the front & back & sleeves, so I changed it into a sweetheart neck & low back.

helen perkin wedding dress




The first picture is me 30 yrs ago , the rest are Ashton. No one could believe that it was the same dress. Thank you again!

 Helen Perkins










Photography by Rose
Ashton wanted to wear her moms wedding dress ,but wanted to update it. I removed the sleeves & used the lace from sleeves to re-applique to the front & change the back. I lighten the dress by removing a lot of the under skirt & trimming all the satin from behind the lace on the train & hem to show more details. Her moms veil was shortento show off the dress back

bk view train


_JFP5001 brittany beaded front



My bride was having second thoughts since her dress was so plain, she was going to buy another one, until I said beading & buttons could be added.

_JFP5008 brittany back view

This was a simple dress before the flowers & beading were added

roses & rhinestones closeup watermarked

 Detachable train with matching beading was added

Sarah K back view with full bustle watermarked.

blue tulle off watermarked  Removeable  blue tulle skirt added fun to the dress  

breakaway dress C & B

Long & pretty for the ceremony & pictures, short & fun this bride of mine danced the night away for her wedding & was kind enough to model in KCBA Bridal show.


back view before

front view before

This Bride ordered her dress from China & it was 2 sizes too small.   


wedding day garter

back view wedding


Dress now fits &  additional beading was added to enhance the dress.     


wedding dress before front


wedding dress before back


 My Bride wanted a vintage dress with an updated look . Sleeves were removed, length added to skirt, replaced zipper with button & loops & made a keyhole back.

                                  Photos by made you look Photography