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My bride purchased this dress and than started to think that the dress made her look too short.Since she was getting married on the beach,I cut away a lot of the satin underskirt which was attached to the beaded lace. By fitting it close to the body it shows off her shape and a lot of leg thus creating an open, sexy  dress. 



group photo


Hope you  and your family had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s.  I thought I would share with you the before and after photo of my wedding dress. You did an amazing job on my dress and it really shows in the photos.. Our wedding turned out beautiful. Thank you so much for helping me bring my visions to reality! 

Leslie Sniffin                                  



before back vanessa


My gown is Allure 8800. You can see several images of the gown here.  After I purchased the gown, I started having a few doubts, just because I had really wanted something with more movement in the skirt. The gown is beautiful, but the skirt is a true sheath in that there isn’t any extra fabric to create the draping movement I would like. As I mentioned in my voice mail, the gown is 2 separate pieces – a satin slip and the lace overlay.

I’d like to open up the skirt of the top layer with additional panels of chiffon or a fabric that will blend with the dress. I realize that these won’t have the lace detail, but I think it will add a lot of interest to the gown. I’ve attached a few images for inspiration (I realize that they are somewhat extravagant/different from my gown, but they’re just meant for inspiration. Please let me know if this is something that can be done. I’ve heard that if it can be done – YOU can do it.                                                             


dan & Vanessa


I purchased my dress from a shop in Los Angeles. While I thought it beautiful when I bought it, I wanted more movement in the skirt. I asked the shop in LA if their seamstress would be able to open the skirt to add more volume so that I could twirl and swish on the dance floor. The manager of the shop told me that what I wanted was impossible. I was disappointed and started to look for alternatives. I looked around for a budget-friendly second gown that had more volume, but couldn’t find anything that I liked that wouldn’t break the bank. I decided to look for someone who could see my vision and alter my dress.

When I found Mary Rita, I knew that I was going to be happy. She listened to what I wanted and worked her magic to create a beautiful and unique gown that combined the fit and the movement that I wanted. I couldn’t have been happier with the work of art she created. On my wedding day, so many guests commented on how original my gown was and since then, I’ve had several brides-to-be ask where I bought my dress. I’m always happy to tell them that the finished product is a Mary Rita original!

Vanessa Toews Vierra


       My bride chose this strapless Galina gown but wanted a sexy lace back



Totally sexy & Elegantcollage photo

Thank you again for making my wedding dress perfect ! :)    Roxanne Woods

front base layer


back during Kylie







Dress Changes Front                                                          Dress Changes Back

Kylie on beach


I was given a referral to Mary Rita when I only had a little over a month until my wedding to find a dress. Yes, a month :) I was dead set on a Paolo Sebastian dress style that I was not finding in any store. I went for a consultation with Mary Rita with every picture I could find of the dress and of every angle to show her to see if she could possibly start from scratch and make me a wedding dress. She recommended to me to try and find a dress with the overall shape and she could design the rest. I went to the garment district and found a really tacky dress but it had the exact shape I wanted. Giving her something to start with. She took apart the dress and completely transformed the dress to exactly what I was looking for. One thing I really appreciated with working with Mary Rita is how she always made sure it was what I wanted. She gave me so many options and choices but always wanted it to be what I wanted. She is the most creative person I’ve ever met. My dress happened in stages. I went to see her one or twice a week. Every time I left her house I was so excited to see my dress the next time. The time and effort she spends on her clients is very special. She suggested a detachable train on my dress that she made that added the final touch.  Having a dress that was specially handmade for my day was such an amazing experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Mary Rita for giving me the perfect dress. Everyone thought I was crazy for starting this process(my dress) so late and having it made not knowing what it would look like. I had complete confidence in Mary Rita and everyone was so eager to see the final product. Needless to say I had a million compliments all night long.

Kylie Browning

front before Amy


amy sitting

amy sparklersAfter  Photo by Austin Thomas

Mary-Rita’s presentation of the completed dress was above and beyond what I could have ever anticipated. I was so excited to wear my dress on my wedding day… It was so gorgeous! Everyone seemed to be just as in love with my dress as I was. Mary-Rita was so lovely to work with and her amazing work speaks for itself! She’s one of a kind and I would recommend her to absolutely everyone! –

 Amy Lessley-Ruff


My Bride was having buyers remorse since she thought the dress was too plain. I added Pearl,Chrystal & Rhinestone beading in the front and down the corset back along with removing the modesty panel to show more back. Pearl buttons were added to enhance the look.
_JFP5008 brittany back view


Krystine Ralph before

Krystine Ralph








“Like most plus size women I was having a hard time finding a dress that was right for my body and my budget. I ordered offline and I know what you are thinking, it’s a no no. But I saw this beautiful dress online and ordered it right away. I waited only a week and my dress arrived, I hurried and tried it on only to find that it did not fit me at all. The shoulders were too large, the front was saggy. It was a disaster. So I began my search for someone to alter it, someone on my Facebook referred me to Mary Rita and I instantly called and set up an appointment. The next Tuesday I was on my way to her house to see what could be done. She instantly had an idea, she had all the items she needed to show me how it would look and I knew she was the one that had to alter the dress. It went from a mess to a success! My dress ended up lighter, comfortable, and much more flattering than I ever thought possible. Pictures really do speak a thousand words and I will let them show just how amazing Mary Rita is. Give her a call, you won’t regret it!”

Krystine Ralph






The bride loved this dress,but it was a bit too small. She also did not like the sash to tie with a bow in the back. Scroll down the page to see the beautiful lace-up corset back and the beaded rhinestone sash inset into the dress.Part of the zipper was removed and matching fabric loops and ties  along with a modesty panel were added to create  a matching lace-up corset which  made it look like the dress was originally made this way.

zipper back dress altered to corset.

The sash was inserted into the side seams and sewed onto the front of the dress resulting in a clean, fitted silhouette. A rhinestone beaded side bustle was added to match the beaded sash.



beaded sash

 Dress looked amazing !  Thanks, Nikki

rk (260) Katelyn sweetheart neck

 This dress was changed into a sweetheart neckline from a straight neckline


front view  before

back view before


 My Bride ordered her  dress from China online but the dress came in two sizes too small.              


back view wedding

wedding day garter

  • Made a sweetheart neck line at bust 
  • Added additional beading to gave the back a dramatic  front and look
  • Opened up back and remade back to fit

The wedding was amazing…I ended up forgetting to bring the under garment that goes under the dress, so the full potential of the dress wasn’t there, but it works! LOL!. Thank you so much !! You have no idea, there was not a dry eye in the house  once I walked out everyone just gasped. It was really special and you helped create for me!

Jamie Perry



  • Removed the sleeves from this vintage dress
  • Changed the zipper into pearl buttons & loop closure
  • Made a keyhole back and trimmed the armholes with a matching vintage lace.
  • Matching lace was added to lengthen the dress and rhinestones were added to give a nice twinkle…




 Good Evening Mary Rita! I hope all is well with you! I thought I would share some photos you. I got SO MANY compliments on my wedding dress. Thank you for making it so spectacular. It was gorgeous! I loved changing the zipper to the pearl buttons, and adding the tiny rhinestones and the lace details. Thanks for everything!

Ashley Kammeraad


red dress before

Bubble skirt was removed and changed to Red satin & a grey beaded lace full gathered skirt



LOVED, LOVED, LOVED my dress, felt like a princess and no one else had the same dress!!!  Thanks

Susannah Fontana